C3 Studio is currently in the development stage of the film LUSO which is based on the life of Peter Francisco. Please contact us if you would like to be involved or just have questions in general about the project.

Director & Producer

Christopher Cates

Christopher A. Cates  is the founder and CEO of Red Heritage Media.  Located in Fort Mill, SC Red Heritage Media is a full service film and television production company.  Cates is a 35+ year veteran in film and television production committed to the development and production of excellent media that informs, edifies and inspires and training and mentoring others to do the same.  As CEO and COO Mr. Cates is credited with the building or substantial expansion of 5 major production, broadcast and post production operations in Hollywood, Washington DC and Charlotte, NC.  Other related industry pursuits are participation in the planning and launch of several major cable networks including Discovery, Animal Planet, BET and Speed Channel, creative management and marketing consulting, programming development, producing and writing. His production credits include nearly 1,000 episodes of television shows, twelve feature length films, three feature length documentaries, and 5 different animated children’s series comprising over 50 episodes.  An original native of Los Angeles Mr. Cates currently lives in Tega Cay, SC with his wife of 39 years.  He is the proud father of 4 and grandfather of 5.  

Screenplay Writer

Brad Cummings

Brad is the CEO of Windblown Media, and Shiloh Road Publishers, and carries a passion for “telling compelling stories that unveil God’s heart to the spiritually curious.”  He is one of the co-authors and publisher of the #1 NY Times bestselling novel, The Shack, which has sold over 22 million copies and has been translated into 40+ different languages.  Having been turned down by 26 different publishers, he and a partner founded Windblown Media and published The Shack on their own, selling the 1st million copies out of Cummings’ garage on only $200 of marketing.  The Shack was the first ever self-published title to debut on the New York Times Bestseller list at #1, where it stayed as such for over 172 weeks, 52 weeks at #1. He produced “The Shack” movie (released by Lionsgate March 2017) with Gil Netter, the producer of The Life of Pi and The Blind SideThe Shack movie has grossed over $96.3M worldwide ($57.3M domestic box office/$39M foreign) and is currently ranked #6 overall in Top Lifetime Box Office Gross (domestic & foreign combined) for Christian movies.

Building on the present success, Lionsgate has asked him to produce another movie with Gil Netter, adapting the NY Times bestseller, Proof of Heaven, which is currently in development.

Cummings also co-authored A Man Like No Other–The Illustrated Life of Jesus, and adapted the award-winning short film, The Butterfly Circus, into a storybook of the same title. The Butterfly Circus (featuring Nick Vujicic, the limbless man) has been viewed over 60 million times online, having become a global phenomenon as the most viewed short film in history, being translated into 20+ different languages.  He is working with the original filmmakers, Josh & Rebekah Weigel, to turn it into a full length theatrical film.

Most recently, he founded Shiloh Road Publishers, teaming up with the award-winning, premiere design firm Koechel Peterson & Associates, and served as the General Editor for The Founders’ Bible–a project that seeks to bring forth the incredible, forgotten history of the founding of America, exploring the vision and dream of the Founding Fathers, our foundations of government and connecting it all to the very passages of Scripture that inspired those ideas.  Brad worked tirelessly alongside David Barton, the country’s foremost constitutional historian and expert on the Founding era with a personal library of over 120,000 original source documents.

In the course of his research on The Founders’ Bible, Cummings stumbled upon what is perhaps one of the greatest hidden treasures in American history, a quintessential story of courage and freedom, a mixture of mystery and Divine destiny, wrapped up in the enigmatic life of a 5-yr old little boy. Kidnapped from the Azores, left abandoned on a dock in Virginia in 1760, Peter Francisco grew up to become arguably the greatest soldier in all of American history, of whom George Washington said, “Without him, we would have lost two crucial battles, perhaps the war, and with it our freedom. He was truly a one-man army!”  Having joined a team of filmmakers in North Carolina, Cummings is currently writing the screenplay for and is set to produce a movie on the life of Peter Francisco.

Among his many other creative endeavors, Brad also co-hosts a weekly podcast with Wayne Jacobsen, entitled The God Journey. With over 10 years of broadcasts, The God Journey has an active listenership in over 135 nations. He is the Executive Producer and screenwriter for a series of animated feature films on the great stories of the Bible.  He was a pastor and conference speaker for 12+ years, founding one the fastest growing churches in LA, the Malibu Vineyard, served as a short-term missionary in Haiti and Uganda, leading teams to India, Scotland and Germany. He was one of the founding board members of The Call, a fasting and prayer movement.  Prior to entering the ministry, he was one of the youngest executives globally for AT&T, and was acknowledged as one of the top salesmen in the nation.  He brings with him over 28 years of wide-ranging experience within business, marketing, sales, publishing, merchandizing, film/music production as well as pastoral ministry.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pepperdine University with B.A. in Telecommunications, Film and TV Broadcasting, and received his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA in 1993 where he was chosen as one of seven Outstanding Fuller Auxiliary Scholarship students to represent the Seminary.

Continuing to preach/teach and speak at conferences, actively writing several different books and screenplays, Brad resides in Newbury Park, CA with his wife Kelly and their three children.

Screenplay Writer, Producer, & Descendant of Peter Francisco

Travis Bowman

There are several things that make Travis tick and tock…well, frankly, just live life to the fullest.  If you spend any time with him you quickly realize that laughter is a big part of every day.  He believes that life is given to us by God and that we should enjoy every minute of it.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Travis was raised in a Bible-believing home.  He has two brothers and a sister, and they all stand over 6′ tall.  His father worked for the US Department of Defense for forty years, and his family was stationed in Germany during the early 80’s. He learned to ski in the Alps and play football (soccer) with the other children in his village. Living in Europe as a child helped shape Travis’ view of the United States of America and the freedoms that we enjoy because the “iron curtain” was still in place.  Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin will forever be seared in Travis’ memory because the contrast between freedom and tyranny was unmistakable as he watched men guard the border with machine guns to keep people from escaping.

Stories of people escaping tyranny for the opportunity to live in a free country were very real for Travis because his family became close friends with a couple who fled Hungary in search of liberty.  Disney movies like the Sound of Music and Night Crossing shaped his thinking and they laid a foundation for what God had in store later in life by bringing his famous ancestor’s story from the Revolutionary War to life.

In 2006, Travis moved his family to North Carolina and accepted a position with an environmental company.  He had a business meeting right next to Guildford Courthouse National Military Park in Greensboro where one of five monuments stands in honor of Peter Francisco. Seeing the Peter Francisco monument changed his life that day because he found himself sucked into an extraordinary story about his ancestor who is known as the Hercules of the Revolution.

As Travis researched his great-grandfather’s story he found two very interesting facts that he believes were Divine connections:

  1. Peter Francisco was a foot taller than the average man standing 6’6″, and Travis stands 6’6″ as well.
  2. Virginia passed a resolution to observe Peter Francisco Day on the very day Travis was born.

Travis brought Peter Francisco to life for the first time in 2008, and he has now performed over 100 times to tens of thousands of people around the world including numerous US and Portuguese dignitaries.  In 2009, he released a novel called Hercules of the Revolution, and in 2011 he produced The Peter Francisco Story which has been seen by millions on several television networks across the US.

After working with the US & Portuguese governments in 2015 to dedicate a new statue for Peter Francisco in the Azores, Travis re-released his novel with a new title called LUSO.

Executive Producer

John E. Allen Jr.

Mr. Allen is a business finance strategist and business consulting practice engaged primarily with privately held companies providing organizational design, strategy to market and capital raising advice.  Past and current clients include: Horizon Pharma (NASDAQ: HNZP); OptionsXpress (NASDAQ:OXPS) purchased by Schwab; Paragon28, a Foot & Ankle medical device manufacture; Reelworks Studios, production and post-production services for TV and feature films like Homeland and Hunger Games; Jemsek Specialty Clinic, the leading provider of Lyme’s Disease treatment in the world; and United Capital Partners, a $20B wealth management firm. Mr. Allen is an accomplished expert and evangelist of point to point selling and focus group marketing, with a distinguished record of success, driving sales initiatives through teams for early-stage companies and product launches. John earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Wofford College.  He also holds two certificates from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Strategic Planning & Merger Integration.

Creative Director

Leah Nichole Allen

Leah joined iBlaise Consulting in August 2013 and serves as the Senior Project Manager and Creative Director for iBC Entertainment division. She has 22 years of professional experience in the film, fashion, photography and modeling industries.

She has been widely sought after as a model and actress including engagements for HBO, Alanis Apparel, Indy Car Series, Hair by Adam, High Energy Fashion and avant-garde fashion designers like Shanavier McLemore and Carmen Orosco.

As an entrepreneur, she was the founder Faith Photos and Fantastic Products. At Fantastic Products she developed from “design concept” a salable, scalable product. The diverse and complex skills employed in the product development included CAD design, overseeing injections molding design and modification, package design, sourcing manufactures in China, securing distribution and successfully writing and submitting a USOTP patent for The Coaster Fan, publication number US20130052048.

Leah’s daily responsibilities include event planning for capital raising campaigns for iBC’s feature film and reality TV engagements, reviewing and recommending screenplays and scripts for iBC’s engagements, and project management.

Most recently she earned her PMI project management certification. She serves iBC clients with standards that describe good project management practices by PMI, globally recognized credentials which certify project management expertise, and resources.

Leah currently lives in San Antonio, TX and is the proud mother of four boys.